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The 40th Annual MidWinter Meeting of the Asssociation for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO2017) was held during Feb.10 to Feb.15, 2017 in Baltimore MD, Maryland, USA. ARO2017 organized several sessions for inner and middle ear mechanics and modeling. About 45 newest works had been presented orally or in posters. 

It was a pleasure to see so many colleagues in this event. Chairmen of MEMRO2018, Prof. Tianyu Zhang, co-chair Prof. Rongzhu Gan, former chairmen Prof. John Rosowski, Prof Alexander Huber, and Prof Sunil Puria had a short meeting, discussing issues on the coming MEMRO meeting in 2018. During the short meeting, current and former MEMRO chairmen exchanged ideas on issues like the scale and procedures of the meeting, publication of submissions, the preparation of the event, etc.