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Tour Program

Four tour programs have been arranged through the MEMRO Organizing Committee with the travel agency. We sincerely wish you a good travel in China.

Hangzhou (one day excursion)
beauty around the famous freshwater lake - West Lake
Wuzhen (one day tour)
the Venice of the east - river town with traditional houses
imperial palaces and gardens, the Great Wall, etc
a city of history, food and beauty, terracotta warriers, etc.

Among the four tour programs, the Hangzhou Tour is included in the one-day excursion for most registered attendees. Accompanied persons should pay an extra amout of $30 USD (200RMB). The other three programs are not free, please see the files for details.

How to join the program

Read the files for details of the tour program (dates, charges, pictures of places to visit). please download the files here. 

If you are willing to join a program, just email us (memro2018@fumed.com.cn) with all the traveler's names, and which tour program you are interested in. We will contact you soon. The deadline is May. 20th.

Note, if you will attend the Hangzhou Tour, you should also email us. So we can make a better preparation. 

Welcome to China and look forward to seeing you soon

Lakeside of the West Lake in Hangzhou